Alec Mountain

Alec Mountain is an internet entrepreneur based out of Bellevue, WA. His work specializes in marketing and product development.


You are awesome. Thanks for taking the time to view this page and to learn a little bit more about me. Whether you’re hiring or know someone who is, any effort towards helping me land a marketing role in the Seattle area is sincerely appreciated.

Here is a quick run-down of some of my professional accomplishments to provide an overview of my career experience:

  • Improved product messaging, developed high-profile sales presentations, and created various marketing materials at INRIX
  • Closed tens of thousands of dollars worth of brand deals on YouTube, while also directing product placements for videos that had hundreds of thousands of views
  • Increased user acquisition growth for a popular Seattle dating app startup called Siren
  • Launched Sosha, an app-based startup, with duties including managing the development and designing the product
  • Launched an e-commerce company called Five Brands that includes a site with blog traffic in the top 10% of all Shopify stores
  • Graduated in 2017 from UW with a bachelor's degree in business

Below are some reasons why I make for a great marketer:

  • I am a storyteller: Whether I'm creating marketing collateral for sales enablement or creating ad copy for an advertising campaign, the messaging I create is captivating and garners attention to prospective customers. The products I've marketed change lives and my communication style showcases that to entice people to take action. 
  • I am analytical: I value the importance of business metrics and use data to make decisions and develop strategy. I'm experienced in A/B testing within various forms of advertising (online and off) and am always looking to optimize spending for best results. 
  • I am a great communicator: I understand that proper alignment within an organization is essential to successful marketing and go out of my way to create & maintain the relationships I need to with various team members.
  • I am a designer: If you continue to browse my website, you'll notice I'm also skilled in both product & graphic design. This allows me to create stunning marketing materials, utilize my expertise in customer research, and speak the language of those involved in product development if needed. 
  • I value humility and ownership: I have the ownership to step in and try to solve a problem, as well as step back and embrace the ideas of others. I make it a priority to create solutions to problems as a team, while also maintaining an ability to get stuff done independently. 

We should get in touch

If you are still reading this, consider contacting me. Perhaps you know someone who could use my talents or are hiring yourself.

  • Email:
  • Phone: (425) 677 – 4057


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